The Design Gallery – Redefining luxury living through furniture in East Africa

December 6, 2018

When one thinks of Africa and Kenya specifically they see beautiful landscapes, wildlife, exotic destinations and hospitable people. That is indeed accurate but there is more. For the last 50 years a furniture company has been ensuring that Kenyan homes are as comfortable as they are hospitable. By offering affordable high quality furniture, they have served the people of the region with dedication and practical passion.

Victoria Furnitures realizes that East Africans deserve the best that is available to the rest of the world right here at home. They have now introduced a new range of luxury furniture from the top brands in the globe under their new unit called The Design Gallery and they walked Luxuria Lifestyle through their range.

Discerning consumers can now access bespoke furniture from the most creative designers in the Europe and specifically in Italy. When you think of Poliform what comes to mind? Form and function, design and innovation, high quality and personalized customizations. At Poliform every project is unique and must be functional. Every detail has the right weight and contributes to making the whole unique. Whether it is the living area or private sleeping quarters, you are assured of a personal touch that defines your unique personality.

Other brands introduced by The Design Gallery include Varaschin, ColombiniCASA, SICIS, Scavolini and Gamma. This simply means that if you have the means you must be given the choice and freedom to be uniquely you.

Gamma offers a wide selection of sofas, beds, armchairs and tables. You can customize the leather, stitching and material. Behind every product are human hands with years of experience. The upholsterers are guardians of an ancient handicraft art. But experience is never enough, passion too is a key ingredient of every GAMMA product and with that comes the quest for perfection.

Africa will never be authentic without its outdoors and The Design Gallery went in search of the very best in outdoor therapy and found Varaschin. Their collection is so elegant you will doubt they can survive the outdoors. Working with top designers from across the globe like Lo Scalzo Moscheri, the brands brings industrial design and engineering into every product. Moscheri believes that furniture has value when it is used to live better in changing conditions. It comprises objects designed to transform themselves according to our habits and life style. The idea is a house that reflects our personality without being banal in providing services.

Life would be nothing without nutrition and cleanliness and while the three stoned stove found in many villages may be the image in the minds of many looking into Africa, it is but the rare exception in the modern cities like Nairobi and Mombasa. The Design Gallery selected Scavolini for its kitchens and bathrooms because this brand has contemporary appeal and targets those looking to give class and character to their domestic spaces. Using innovative material Scavolini Kitchens transform cooking into an exciting culinary journey of discovery.

And because we are all so beautiful in our own way The Design Gallery would not be complete with the joyful Colombini Casa. The exciting aspect of this brand is its pricing as it offers an entry point to the world of Italian luxury furniture without compromising on quality and durability. Colombini sofas can give you a sense of absolute well-being and unprecedented relaxation: comfort and design in one solution!

The Design Gallery certainly your one stop shop for perfection, excellence and craftsmanship and luxury furniture. We highly recommend it.

W: The Design Gallery
A: 2nd Floor,9 Parklands Road, Westlands, Nairobi
T: +254 (020) 2650989
M: +254 777 650989
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