Pukka Berlin opens at Westgate Mall in Nairobi

May 22, 2019

The world has countless luxury jewelry brands but none like Pukka Berlin. Despite being a relatively new global brand their soul resides across three continents, Europe, India and Africa.

Nairobi is the luxury capital of East and Central Africa so it makes sense that Pukka Berlin opened its first Africa store at Nairobi’s most luxury shopping destination, the Westgate Mall.

We all wear jewellery to look good but Pukka is not simply about looking good, it’s about feeling good too. Inspired by three gentlemen, Taj Bedi, Maximillian and Aalay the brand seeks to infuse the wild nature of Nairobi, precise elegance and style of Berlin and authentic tradition of Bombay.

Pukka is derived from the Hindi word Pakka, which symbolises genuineness and solid positivity. The most endearing aspect of the brand is their acknowledgment that most jewelry is either extremely unattainable for many due to the exorbitant pricing, or it’s reasonably affordable, but with a questionable quality. Pukka aims to bridge this gap by offering fairly priced products, without compromising on quality.

How jewelry is created is also very important to most consumers and Pukka Berlin decided that all their diamonds and colour stones will be ethically sourced as this enables them to ensure full compliance and fair compensation for all raw materials. Sustainability and integrity are the fundamental principles of their supply chain which they control by managing the entire value chain from “mine to market”.

Looking at their collection in Nairobi it is clear they have managed to create something that goes further than your conventional jewelry. Their Tembo line that is inspired by the mighty Elephants of Kenya speaks to this. Each piece is designed to resemble tusks and the clean minimalist lines make a bold statement. Even more impressive is the fact that each purchase contributes to saving this amazing animal. 20% of the profits generated from the sales of the Tembo line are given directly to causes aimed at saving it from extinction.

Their minimalistic, yet modern designs are inspired by the diversity of the director’s origins – the vibrant personality of Berlin combined with the untamed wilderness of Nairobi and the colourful tradition of Bombay.

Luxuria Lifestyle was impressed by the Wire collection. It is definitely a conversation starter. The Wire Halo pendant and ear studs would stand out at any glamorous event. I also noticed the modern and graphical representation of the Bauhaus ceramic tile pieces. They would give lift to the most conservative formal outfits. The Nazar Signet ring on the other hand has very exotic twist to its design and would transform a casual weekend ensemble into an intriguing outfit.

If you are wearing a simple solid black dress that says nothing about how ‘hot’ you think you look, the Tembo Chilli pendant with, matching adjustable bracelet and drop danglers on your ears will do all the talking.

I am not big on jewelry but this is a brand I would wear with pride because Pukka Berlin does not believe in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but instead believes in being a Socially Responsible Corporate (SRC). They compensate their workers, invest in education and ensure a safe working environment.

They are certainly worth your attention.

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Written by Michael Mwai for Luxuria Lifestyle East Africa

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