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World Leading Digital Magazine Group: East Africa

Editors Choice: Front Row with Deola Sagoe at AFI Joburg…

Luxuria Lifestyle: International

Editors Choice: Gentleman hosted to luxury event in Nair…

Luxuria Lifestyle: East Africa

Editors Choice: The BMW X3 features Technical Superiorit…

Luxuria Lifestyle: East Africa

Editors Choice: African Weddings – Gifts and Honey…

Luxuria Lifestyle: South Africa

Editors Choice: Angama Mara – tailor-made safari …

Luxuria Lifestyle: East Africa

Editors Choice: Kartell – Working with the emergin…

Luxuria Lifestyle: South Africa

Luxury lifestyle digital magazine

Luxuria Lifestyle International is one of the world's leading digital magazine groups, with offices strategically positioned around the world.

Luxuria Lifestyle magazine provides an all-encompassing guide to the affluent lifestyle, including informative and interesting articles on the world's most luxurious products and services, together with industry news, reviews, features and exclusive business to consumer events for connoisseurs of luxury, corporate businesses and wealthy consumers from around the globe.


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