Making sensible culinary choices An evening of discovery, amazing banter and great wine.

February 14, 2019

We live in a world that doesn’t stop spinning and time won’t stand still waiting for you to get it together. So everything needs to be intentional and deliberate.

I believe I am a good student of life and learned a while back to always compose the music that keeps me alive. I chose to move to the rhythm I call life, to shun mediocrity and seek the finer things. I committed to pamper myself with life’s little pleasures.

This year I will change the narrative of what we call our ‘busy’ lives and give it a new definition of grace and serenity by relishing in things that continually give me a reason to smile.

Here in Nairobi, one of the priceless things I enjoy is food with a great view. Because I have a sensitive tummy, finding places to eat is a challenge.

Let me start my ‘Discovery Series’ at the Five Senses Restaurant, a French fine dining experience with a Kenyan twist. Located in Kilimani area of upmarket Nairobi, it is easily accessible. I was sceptical at first but Micheal Mwai was insistent that this would be a particularly enriching experience and I should not be quick to judge.


Let’s start with the decor. It is refreshingly minimalist with a touch of modernism. One of the walls has nice photography themed with sweet and spicy reds duotones.

Ladies, guess what. There is this big mirror on the wall as you approach our small and very important powdering room. It caught me off guard for a moment but then I proceeded to be still and take in the moment. I even managed to sneak in a selfie. To crown it all this bathroom is classy and comfortable, with a sitting area and more mirrors to ensure you do not miss a detail on your makeup and outfit.

The food

The most interesting part of the evening, aside from the perfect ambience and serenading music, was the scent of marination. I closed my eyes to allow it to embed in my mind. Soon it was time to wine and dine and the gorgeous Luxuria Lifestyle brand ambassador and certified sommelier, Mellissa Mwende, led the culinary ceremony. She generously shared her expertise on how to pair good wine with great food.

Executive chef Kimani Kiarie delivered a tantalizing menu with a choice of pan seared fillet of milk fish served on confit leeks and a worthy alternative in a well marinated, coffee infused aged steak from a premium slice of Kenyan beef. Tough choice indeed.

Predictably I settled for the milk fish fillet to honor my coastal upbringing. My meal was paired with an awesome white wine from the Vergelegen collection.

The showstopper was the cold starter. An ensemble of exotic berries infused in a chilled tomato soup to the delight of all present. This was a first for me.

The meal was concluded with a honey glazed Danish pastry paired with a port wine.

This certainly was worth visiting. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised. Take it from me.

T: 0743 274375
A: 2nd Floor Galana Plaza, off Galana Road Nairobi KE

Written by Rehema Majala for Luxuria Lifestyle East Africa

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