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February 25, 2019

Whether you live in East Africa or just landed in Nairobi for a short business trip, you will not have honoured your presence in the region without a visit to Nyama Mama .

This is Kenya’s first modern interpretation of fine cuisine that effortlessly articulates the African culinary experience. The ambience is relaxed with a cosy vibe, surrounded by a rustic hint of African décor. The sound of a waterfall blends in well with the African ballads filtering discreetly from the almost invisible speakers.

Nyama Mama is a restaurant with that soothing calmness of home when mum is in the kitchen whipping up your favorite meal.

I recently had lunch here and had a fantastic experience, time almost stood still. While the place was very busy with a multicultural clientele aged between mid 20’s and late 40’s, I felt like I had a personal butler service. Some were in for a quick bite, others, like me, had no intention of rushing off.

The menu pays homage to local cuisine with a wide variety of meals, using locally sourced ingredients to create amazing African delicacies. The team is young and professional with an abundant supply of Kenyan hospitality.

Nyama Mama translates as a recognisable summary of great homestyle dishes with a modern eclectic twist bringing out amazing flavours, whilst celebrating local ingredients.

Our starter was a crispy fried spicy coconut calamari with a smoky mayo dip. The overall colour palate was stunning, with touches of green from the herbs and wilted kale. It looked absolutely gorgeous and I was not in a hurry to “demolish it” I just stared at it in a trance. It had a smoky scent from the local spices. It was different and absolutely delicious.

The texture in my mouth was crunchy, just fantastic…
It looked awesome…smelt good…tasted great. It was just what I would ask for…not too much, not too little and the flavour balance was great.

For the main course, I had the Samburu watermelon, avocado with braised pulled pork and chilli for a kick. What caught the attention of my taste buds on first bite was the creamy salad dressing with sour cream and sriracha sauce. The balance in flavours was just insane and normally I wouldn’t put watermelon in such a salad, but the choice to was a ‘no brainer’.

At the end of the meal, I was a lucky enough to meet the artist, Chef Lesiamon “Les”, he is a young, diminutive and super confident gentleman. His diction is fit for a Royal Palace, his knowledge base deep and his attention to detail points towards Michelin stars. Clearly ‘Les’ is more.

He is extremely passionate about his cooking. It was indeed an honoured to meet the man behind this Kenyan masterpiece.

At Nyama Mama, food is art and it brings fond memories of home in the heart of Africa’s new culinary capital.

T: 0704567567
A: Nyama Mama Delta, Waiyaki Way. Nairobi,Kenya
W: Nyama Mama

Written by Iman Mueke for Luxuria Lifestyle East Africa

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